Materials Clerk

Job Summary:
The Materials Clerk is responsible for coordinating the ordering, inventory, receiving, and distribution of all clinical and/or non-clinical supplies and/or materials. The Materials Clerk has delegated authority to purchase goods in accordance to the Network’s policy and in an effective manner consistent with the requestor/user needs. The Materials Clerk PRN is also responsible for records retention related to costs, delivery, and inventory levels. This position provides back-up support to staff, as required.
Duties and Essential Job Functions:
1. Acquires materials or supplies and places orders, inventories, receives, and distributes. Reviews, and tracks purchases through the purchasing process.
2. Coordinates purchases for interdepartmental and intradepartmental customers by interacting with external businesses (e.g. vendors, agencies, delivery companies, etc.).
3. Ensures adequate delivery of services is achieved for patient and/or nutritional care services by maintaining appropriate stock and/or inventory levels in order to facilitate and sustain the Network’s business operations.
4. Coordinates assignments and/or information, as requested by management team.
5. Compiles and maintains inventory records of the quantity, costs, and type of materials, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in the organization.
6. Ensures storerooms have appropriate type and volume of supplies/materials to meet patient care and/or service needs.
7. Maintains department inventory lists to include assets, expendables, and other related materials.
8. Compares inventory records against physical count of inventory and makes adjustments to or investigates inaccuracies.
9. Provides and demonstrates good customer service behavior in the conduct of daily work interactions.
10. May identify and report malfunctioning equipment to management for repair.
11. Performs other related duties as assigned.
High School Diploma or GED.
2 plus years’ work experience ordering, inventory, receiving, and/or distributing materials/supplies.